STEALTH G.ROWING-10 Rules You should follow

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High pure water filters
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Chemical free water is important to the health of beneficial microbes. Reverse Osmosis filtered water allows me to maintain high levels of microbes. I use in teas, foliar sprays ans especially for compost teas. Its my secret weapon!!!

Blue Planet Nutrients
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Seaweed extract contains over 70 trace minerals in small amounts. Its also good microbe food. Seaweed contains natural growth hormones that give you explosive growth and help develop heavy flowers. Mycorrhizae is a type of fungi that attaches to your plants roots and creates a symbiotic relationship. Mycorrhizae absorbs nutrients from the soil and trades your plants for carbs. This found everywhere in nature and is 10000% organic, beneficial and natural

Vermiterra Earthworm Castings
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Worm castings are worm poop! worm poop contains small amounts of available nutrients but of all it contains MICROBES! and lots of it. Worm castings have the ability to hold water and nutrients until your plant is ready to take them up. Its also fertile grounds for microbes to multply. Vermiterra also makes a great worm casting tea that makes it easy to water deep into your root zone.

Electric Sky 300 LED
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Light quality and intensity is important to the development and final weight of your flowers. Light effects everything from color, aroma, taste , and even trichome production. nuff said!

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