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Legal Status of Cannabis – Medical and Recreational Use

The legal status of Cannabis varies widely from country to In some states, such as Colorado, it is legal for recreational and medical However, some states do not allow medical If you are considering obtaining medical marijuana…



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Cannabis Medication Treatment Benefits Products Recreational

Although the adverse effects of cannabis use have a complex pattern, most reviews report that it was associated with fewer adverse events compared to a Of the 59 reviews, forty-nine dealt with pain; the remaining thirty-nine focused on non-pain…

Why Doctors Don't Consider Cannabis a REAL Medicine?

The Latest Research on Cannabis and Medication Treatment Benefits

| There are a number of potential interactions between cannabis and other The Monitoring the Future study, for example, aims to measure the use and perceived risks of cannabis among high school It has also been linked to…

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Cannabis Medication Treatment Benefits

| In a review of the literature on Cannabis, we found 49 reviews, most of which focused on treatment of specific Only two reviews focused on pain and reported that cannabis reduced the severity of However, the findings…

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Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Medication Treatment Benefits

Medical marijuana and cannabis use should be discussed with your doctor before starting a new Although it is not illegal to use marijuana, some employers and government jobs may have a The following information explains some of the…


How Cannabis Medication Treatment Benefits You

| Regardless of the legality of recreational and medical cannabis, it is important to understand how these drugs In general, high-potency cannabis products contain between 15 and 20% THC, and the CBD content ranges from zero to 132

Home made Organic fertilizers

Home made Organic fertilizers

Benefits of Cannabis For Pain and Insomnia | Benefits of Cannabis For Pain and Insomnia Although marijuana does not cure any diseases, it can help people live a better life….


What Are the Medical Benefits of Cannabis?

| In addition to being the most widely-abused drug worldwide, cannabis has other Recent research has linked early onset cannabis use to impaired sustained attention, poorer overall intelligence quotient, and poorer executive Additionally, multiple studies suggest that cannabis…